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1 avril 2016 5 01 /04 /avril /2016 07:53

65 ans après sa découverte dans la région, le tigre blanc est de retour au Madya Pradesh. Le "White Tiger safari Park" ouvrira ses portes après - demain. Times of India, ce jour. "White tigers set to roar again in Vindhya Region from April 3".


The roar of white tigers will once again reverberate in Madhya Pradesh's Vindhya region, where the feline was first found in 1951, with the world's first 'White Tiger Safari' to open for public at Mukundpur in Rewa division on April 3.

Union Minister of State for Environment and Forest Prakash Javadekar, Steel and Mines Minister Narendra Singh Tomar and Madhya Pradesh chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, among others, will dedicate to the public the world's first Mukundupur White Tiger Safari Zoo and Rescue Centre on Sunday, state Public Relations and Energy Minister RajendraShukla told PTI on Friday.
The zoo will have three white tigers, including a male named Raghu and two females - Vindhya and Radha.
"The mention of white tigers has always thrilled me since childhood. I was fortunate enough to see a roaring white tiger, named Mohan which was caught by the then King, Maharaj Martand Singh in Govindgarh Palace. Singh caught it on May 27, 1951 while hunting tigers in Deva village forest area in Sidhi district," said Shukla, who belongs to Vindhya region.
"This white tiger cub (Mohan), which was captured from a cave near Kormar river by the hunting team led by Martand Singh later became the progenitor of all the white tigers in the world," he said.
Author Jairam Shukla, who has written a coffee table book 'Tale of the White Tiger', said, "It is a progeny of Royal Bengal Tiger that has got the amazing white hue because of a gene mutation. It is not a different species, but a genuine Indian tiger."

"Its zoological name is Panthera tigris-tigris. Both the white and the yellow tigers come from the same stock, but with a hereditary chromosomal change. The habit and the habitat are the same, the life cycle is the same. Normal age ranges from 16-20 years," he said.

"When Martand Singh first captured a white tiger cub in his hunting drive, probably he had not thought that he was going to create history. Since its capture, the fame of this white tiger (Mohan) was spread all over the world. Wildlife scientists from across the world made a dash to Govindgarh in Rewa to unravel this mystery of nature," he said.

"On their advice only, the propagation of white tiger was initiated," he said.

Actualisation au 10 Avril : PAR CONTRE : la prétention du Madhya Pradesh à être le "JANAK" (unique matrice originelle) du tigre blanc ne tient pas la route une seconde. From Hindustan Times, 10 April. Rahul Noronha. False claims, inaccuracies in MP's story on white tigers.

The Vindhya region in Madhya Pradesh has a special attachment with white tigers since a white tiger cub was first sighted by then Rewa Maharaja Martand Singh in the jungles of Sidhi in 1951. The nine-month-old cub was christened Mohan and kept in an enclosure in the Govindgarh fort.

However, more than 50 separate white tiger sightings and shootings were recorded between 1807 and 1958 in the Indian subcontinent, based on records corroborated by Rowland Ward’s book of 1928 — considered one of the most definitive accounts of wildlife trophies.

In fact, white tigers were also sighted or killed in Assam, Bihar, West Bengal, modern day Chhattisgarh and Mysore. Presence of these unique wild cats was also reported in China.

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Eduardo Consolo dos Santos 02/04/2016 05:47

So the god of the West will return.


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