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5 mars 2012 1 05 /03 /mars /2012 18:07

Tuer un tigre coûte désormais 575 125 roubles au titre de la restitution et 200 000 roubles d'amende (soit environ 25 000 dollars ou 20 000 euros) deux ans après les faits : une très jeune tigresse épuisée et affamée abattue par derrière (Source : WWF Russia, ce jour)

In Primorye, finally convicted of killing a tiger, committed two years ago

575,125 rubles environmental damage pay a poacher who killed tiger caught in a trap.
WWF cchitaetsya that only the sluggishness of inquiry and investigation helped the offender to avoid a tougher punishment.

February 22, 2012 in the Primorye region Krasnoarmeysk magistrate convicted on Kulyabina V., who was found guilty of that in January 2010 has made illegal hunting for a female tiger in order to further the implementation of tiger skins and bones kit.

Recall, March 7, 2010 at the crossroads village Filaretovka - Ruzhino during the joint work of traffic police officers DPS and the Office of hunting supervision of Primorsky Krai has been stopped and searched a car in the trunk of which were found the skeleton and skin of tiger. Thanks, including specialized knowledge employee of the Office of hunting supervision, the same day, a criminal investigation into the illegal hunting of animals included in the list of species listed in Red Data Book of Russia.

At the hearing Kulyabin B. pleaded not guilty, explaining that the tiger was shot, the defensive.  However, the totality of the evidence examined by the court, including the conclusion of a number of examinations conducted on the remains of the animal's skin and the staff of WWF-Russia Amur branch, and the testimony of employees of the Office of hunting supervision possible to establish not only the violent death of the animal, re-create the whole picture of what happened, but also to refute the defendant's version of the self-defense.

According to the expert version of WWF, this tiger is likely due to the death of the tigress, was left motherless at the age of 6-7 months. In this age in the winter the tiger can not earn their living, as yet not able to successfully hunt the ungulates.  Over the same small animals that make up the diet of the predator, badgers and raccoon dogs were in the winter sleep, and hares in this area are scarce.  Thus, the tiger was forced to earn their living by eating the bait near the trap set for fur-bearing animals.  In one of them he pleased. A citizen exercising checking traps, found an animal caught in a helpless state and unable to resist.Having the time to make a decision, V. Kulyabin instead provide a specially authorized by the structure of this fact, and thereby save the life of Tiger Cub, has decided to cash in and killed the beast cowardly shot from the back.

"Cases against killing wild animals is difficult to always investigated, and it would be naive to assume that they all lead to the punishment of perpetrators.  Therefore, the imposition of punishment, even in this form is indicative of the others.  Appointed a lawsuit - a rather large sum for the average citizen, but not enough to ensure individuals. On the eve of and on the world forum to save the tiger in St. Petersburg in 2010, the Heads of Government participating in the forum, including our country, done a lot of statements about the need to toughen penalties for this type of crime and paying more attention to this issue - comments on the program coordinator of WWF Russia Amur branch Conservation bioraznooobraziya Sergei Aramilev - In fact, so not happening.  It is still not accepted by a number of amendments to the Criminal and Administrative Codes of the Russian Federation to allow adequate penalties apply to persons who were killed, transported, stored, or moved abroad for animals listed in the Red Book of Russia, and their body parts. "

A resident of the district Krasnoarmeyskiy Kulyabin VG  convicted of an offense under subsection  "And in" Part 1, Art. 258  258 of the Criminal Code and the court determined his sentence to a fine amounting to 200 thousand rubles. However, the latter released from punishment pursuant to § 8 Art. 302 of the Code in connection with the lapse of criminal prosecution.  Nevertheless, the court granted the application in the criminal investigation action to recover from the convicted environmental damage in the amount of 575,125 rubles, caused by the illegal hunting of Amur tiger.

"Cases in this category include the RF Criminal Code to offenses of moderate severity and are subject to investigation of the investigation, - says Gennady Zherebkin, Coordinator of Legal Support Project Siberian Branch of WWF. - However, the sluggishness of the inquiry, in the manufacture of which more than a year were the case, and, later, investigators are so protracted zavolokitila the criminal case that at the time of his examination in court ended a two-year statutory period of limitation of criminal prosecution. As a result - the convict released from punishment. Analysis and investigation of other criminal cases cause huge environmental focus of complaints to the organs of investigation, which did not show sufficient activity, moreover, without sufficient legal grounds many times unnecessarily suspend the investigation, which leads to the release of offenders from punishment. "

Despite the evidence of events, conducting all examinations, and even taking the investigation of the case high-ranking officials in the control material has not yet been transferred to the court. And if the investigating authorities did not hurry, it is possible that it will develop in the same scenario.

WWF like: if you have found in the woods wounded or exhausted, or the tiger caught in a noose, trap or another trap - do not attempt to resolve the situation. Should immediately report this incident to the specially authorized bodies. In Primorye, is the Office of hunting supervision of Primorsky Krai, which is engaged in the resolution of all conflicts with tigers and other big predators outside the federal protected areas. 

Telephone Office in Vladivostok - 8 (423) 2344890.



On February 22, 2012 a man who killed an Amur tiger in January 2010 was found guilty after a two-year trial. He was sentenced to pay a $6,800 (200,000 rubles) criminal fine and $19,630 (575,125 rubles) in restitution.

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