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In the run-up to Tiger Day to be celebrated in Vladivostok and Moscow on Sunday, WWF assesses the results of the International Forum on tiger conservation on Earth - nearly a year after the event in St. Petersburg.


  At the International Forum on the conservation of tigers in the world , which was held November 21-24 in St. Petersburg, delegations from 13 countries endorsed a range of rare cat 12-year-old Global Programme of restoration of the tiger . At the forum, Vladimir Putin has supported the proposed measures WWF to save the Amur tiger: sustainable forest management and a ban on felling of cedar, increasing penalties for poaching and illegal trade in parts, the creation of transboundary reserves with China.

  What was actually done since then?

  What was done in part?

  • Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Yury Trutnev instructed relevant departments of the Ministry to work out the issue of reducing the rates of payment per unit of area of hunting grounds at the conclusion of agreements in individual ohothozyaystvennyh Far East regions.  High rents do not allow hunting to work effectively, including invest in increasing the number of ungulates, which is necessary to save the tiger.  However, the commission Trutnev yet not been fulfilled.
  • Prepared by the rationale for creating Sredneussuriyskogo Reserve - Corridor to go tiger from Russia to the ridge Vandashan in China. But now the process is stopped handing forest lease company   "Les Export" in May 2011 In August 2011 Deputy Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov ordered to replace the lease area the other area , not affecting the territory of the planned reserve.  However, until the area is still formally in a rental company   "Les Export."

  What has remained unchanged:

  • No changes in articles 258 and 188 of the Criminal Code and Art. 8.35 and 8.37 of the Administrative Code, which would have toughened penalties for killing a tiger, as well as transportation and storage of its derivatives;
  • Not taken steps to increase the number of hoofed animals, no changes in Federal Law   "On Hunting", allowing to keep ungulates at a high level;
  • Poaching has been and remains a major threat to tigers and illegal logging in tiger habitat have reached alarming proportions. However, the subsidy for the protection of rare species for ohotnadzora Primorye and Khabarovsk territories were not increased and the forest protection service still can not work effectively;
  • Do not set up a rehabilitation center in a specially authorized body, not provided an Amur tiger monitoring by the state and a single point of monitoring.

Tiger Day in Vladivostok

September 25 in Vladivostok for the 12th time will be the brightest day Tigra.Eto holiday town, this Far East pageant in honor of the character of Vladivostok and Primorye.

For the first time Tiger Day in Vladivostok, said in 2000, and each year the event includes more and more cities of Primorye Territory and transcends it. Tiger Day will open the carnival parade through the streets of Vladivostok, which will join striped-red river in the central city square. Here appreciate carnival columns, hold competitions of drawings on the pavement, for the best costume tiger makeup, award winners, listen and watch performances of children's creative teams.

This year, in a convoy of World Wildlife Fund (WWF) will volunteer WWF - the most active participants of the action   "Plant a Forest for the leopard." With their help, WWF Russia this spring planted seedlings of cedar 576 000 in the world of Leopard and Tiger. With them on the streets of Vladivostok will be stepping environmental patrols schools Khasan Region - Winners role-playing game "National Park  "Land of Leopard", which will be held on the eve of Slavyanka, as well as winners of the contest information banner-headlines family to save the pine plantations on fire in the Khasan district.  Come on holiday and the boys from the village of Primorsky Territory Chuguevka - an area where the Siberian tiger lives.  This is a club of friends WWF "Edelweiss" High School named after Alexander Fadeev.

Traditionally, the festival is supported by the regional and municipal governments and environmental organizations such as the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the Fund, "Phoenix", the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW). "Business Solyushn" has developed a scenario of the holiday by bringing in a lot of fresh ideas.

Tiger Day in Moscow

September 24 at 12:00 pm will celebrate the Day of the tiger in the Moscow Zoo. Children waiting for master classes, where you can learn to paint and sculpt the tigers, and in the exhibition hall will showcase interesting videos.  And, of course, all will meet with your own guilty triumph - the Amur tiger. The U.S. Embassy in Moscow in celebration RFuchastvuet Zoo Tiger Day. This year it coincided with the release of a new U.S. postage stamp with the image of the Amur tiger, which will be presented at the festival. This stamp will cost 11 cents more expensive than usual, and the difference in cost will finance practical work to conserve the most vulnerable and endangered wildlife around the world: tigers, elephants, rhinos, great apes and marine turtles. Post of Russia produced their own card in support of wildlife conservation in Russia, which also will be presented at the Day of the tiger.  In celebration of Day of the tiger in the Moscow Zoo will also attend non-profit organizations - World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), the Fund   "Cupid" and the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW).

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