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22 avril 2011 5 22 /04 /avril /2011 07:04

Des incendies criminels aux conséquences catastrophiques se poursuivent dans les territoires du léopard et du tigre. Seul un changement radical dans la législation et une forte augmentation des effectifs des équipes de protection sur le terrain peuvent enrayer le phénomène (source: WWF Russia, hier).

Leopard fires on Earth: one set on fire with impunity, while others heroically extinguish 

  Break the cycle of fire fighting, according to WWF, is impossible without the hard punish perpetrators of fire, with no real responsibility for land fires and environmental damage. This once again assures the new fire season, which turned out to be especially hot in the south-west Primorye.  The first fire here in the habitat of the Amur leopard, were recorded in early February.  Already burnt 695 hectares in the reserve "Cedar Pad.   Fires the territory of the Federal Reserve "Leopard" sostavleyat more than 10 000 ha: mostly agricultural land, goszemzapasa, Specialty, and 420 hectares - lesfond in Barabashskom military forestry.

Fires in the reserve "Leopard" in April put out almost every day.  One of the most complicated and large, about 4,000 hectares, the group "South" led by Eugene Ostomy with the help of volunteers had eliminated a week ago in the area Bamburovskogo landfill.  Last weekend the group "North" under the direction of Anatoly Belov, together with foresters KSU "Primles" and the inspectors group "Sanctuary" has not given away to the forest fire in three valley Barabashevki which arose through the fault of a rest - at the Red Cliff, White Rock and Key Bocharnikov near Pogranpetrovki.  On this last fire inspectors left just at midnight - raised the alarm in time director of the Reserve Sergei Khokhryakov.  Three times already tried to put the unknown has fallen in the pit by the river Malyutinke: how to find staff of protected areas, burned future hemp plantations.  Burned and on the northern border reserve "Leopard" - by Ussuriysk in the upper reaches of the river larch.



 "At 188,000 hectares of protected area reserves and sanctuaries in the state of just over 20 inspectors, who really busy at the fire. People are working on the wear and tear, - said Vladimir Timonin, Deputy Director of Public Kedrovaya Pad "and reserve" Leopard. - We rescued support public environmental organizations - World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the fund "Phoenix", but clearly that this number of inspectors is simply not enough, they need about 70-90 people. "

Burn and adjacent to the sanctuary "Leopard" goszemzapasa territory and forest resources.  Beginning in mid-February, foresters Khasan district, with technical support and participation of employees WWF, to carry out preventive annealing along the route Slavyanka - Kraskino. It was hoped that by such a measure will reduce the spread of fire in the south district.  But there was a man who gave fell back from the road, in the upper reaches of the river Tsukanovki, not far from the line of engineering and technical installations of the Russian-Chinese border. As a result, the fire crossed the line of ITS and a fiery tornado swept through the valleys of the rivers Grape, Small and Big Smooth. Together with foresters KSU "Primles", state enterprise, Seaside airbase protection of forests, the Emergencies Ministry, the members of the Slavic ohotobschestva and the tenant in the forest fire fighting involved and members of public environmental organizations.  In particular, the car of WWF Russia, acquired by means of M-Video, conducted in a timely diversion of forest rangers, water delivery for knapsack sprayers.  With the help of pumps and blowers, also purchased with the support of the supporters of WWF, extinguished the flames.

"In the current system of monitoring fires in the habitats of leopards in the south-west of Primorye, Russia created by WWF in cooperation with NGO" Transparent World ", a fire in the upper Tsukanovki was seen even on April 9.  Information from our site confirmed the fire and forest managers Kraskinskogo forest - said Giorgi Likhachev, Project Coordinator, WWF-Russia Amur branch to restore habitat of the Amur leopard. - A message about the fire I immediately passed to the dispatcher administration Khasan district. On April 10 in windy conditions the fire broke out, and only attract a large number of forces and resources to help stop it.  On April 14, according to the decryption of satellite images made ​​by NGO "Transparent World", the area traversed by fire in the area goslefonda Kraskinskom forest area was 5,427 hectares. I believe that if measures to eliminate it have been taken in time, such an extensive fire could have been avoided. "

Amur branch of WWF stands ready to assist the Forestry Development of Primorye and the tenant lesfonda - Nerpinskomu the fishing consumer society "by laying minpolosy state forest along the border throughout the southern portion of Khasan district, in order to stop the burns and to keep them out into the woods.

"The key issue - it is no real master of goszemzapasaza and agricultural lands.  They do not extinguish grass burns no one, except volunteers, and it is from these lands goes to the fire of forest resources and specially protected natural areas - a habitat for tigers and leopards. Long overdue and need to create their own structure for the protection from fire therapeutic and recreational areas "Clear" - PA regional importance - says George Likhachev.  - While the duty to prevent fires in their territories and their suppression in the event will not be assigned to the land users in law, we do not tear this vicious circle, with some impunity on fire, while others are forced to make enormous efforts to get it all put out. "

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