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16 septembre 2011 5 16 /09 /septembre /2011 20:09

La tigresse livrée au Centre de Gaivoron (voir blog du 19 Juillet et du 4 Août) s'est évadée. Elle ne sera pas recapturée, mais simplement "suivie" dans son milieu naturel par des naturalistes (source : Phoenix Fund, ce jour).


Roskosh (Luxury) tigress broke the blockade and moved to the north of Primorye. Scientists decided to let he animal live in the taiga, and now only accompany her movements, told the Inspection Tiger representative.

- According to the signal from the radio collar of the tigress, Roskosh travels between Spasski and Kirovski regions in the foothills of the Sikhote-Alin mountains. She decided to go back to her homeland. She’s not chased, but a team of scientists follow her at certain distance. If she suddenly gets close to roads or settlements, that will help them to adjust her way.

According to him, the animal will be able to survive in the taiga. There is much food for her in the forest at this time. Luxury is not small, she’s almost two. She’s no longer a cub; she becomes more cautious and independent.

- Her guardian, the scientist Victor Yudin, is very upset that the tiger had left, because he got very attached to her. But on the other hand, the best for Luxury is to go back into the wild - said the Inspection Tiger staff member.

When the tigress has chosen a place to live and the story is over, Inspection Tiger will investigate the causes of the incident.

Sergei Bereznuk, Phoenix Fund: "We are happy to hear this news as it is definitely the best for the animal to return to the wild. It is just puzzling that it had been kept for some month in captivity without any clear reasons. The tigress could have been released into deep forest far from settlement a while ago...".

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