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21 octobre 2011 5 21 /10 /octobre /2011 15:50

SOURCE: WWF Russia, ce jour

October 18th Governor of the Transbaikal region RF Geniatulin signed a decree on the creation of two landscape reserves:

"Relic Oaks" area of 30399.8 thousand hectares and   "Semenov" area of 47 615 ha

Eastern Transbaikalia - a kind of crossroads of the world.  The region is situated at the junction of three major river basins of Eurasia (the Baikal-Yenisei, the Lena and Amur) and east to the junction of three countries (Russia, Mongolia and China), includes several natural zones (taiga, forest steppe and steppe) and, perhaps, Most importantly - is located on the border of the major biogeographic selected.  Here there is a narrowing of the transcontinental migration routes of birds, so in the avifauna of the region - many globally rare and vulnerable species (including six species of cranes).  To save some of them (such as Daurian crane, goose-Sukhonos, bustard, dzeren, manul, Kodar bighorn sheep, etc.), Trans-Baikal Territory is crucial.

However, despite the global importance of natural complexes, the area of ​​protected areas in the Trans-Baikal Territory is less than 4%.  Outside the protection of threatened and active economic development are still the most valuable wetlands, rivers, the sources of the Amur (Argun, Onon, Shilka), which have no analogues steppe lands with black birch forests Dauria and many others.

It is therefore particularly important that new protected areas created directly in rivers Argun and Onon. "Relic oak" - the first protected area in the valley of the Argun. Taken under the protection of relict grove of Mongolian oak, located on the extreme western boundary of the area, isolated from the main area of ​​growth of oak. Researchers determine its age about 3,000 years.  In addition, in the sanctuary includes meadows with a large number of Manchu origin, black birch forest steppe park and tall meadow steppes with peony and molochnotsvetkovogo yasentsa mohnatoplodnogo. All these communities are included in the Green Book of Siberia.

"Semenov" - the first marketplace of high status in the PA area Baleyskom Trans-Baikal region.  Its creation in some way compensate for the excessive human impact on ecosystems Baleyskogo area associated with the intensive development of mining operations. The composition of the reserve include undisturbed and disturbed little taiga, steppe and forest areas Priononya, wetlands, rivers Onon, Unda, Kalanguy.  The territory is of particular importance as a stopping place for migratory birds during migration, rich in mineral springs, popular with the public, as well as historical monuments Burhotuyskoy culture.

A distinctive feature of the two new nature reserves in the Transbaikal is that they are created at the initiative of local people, implemented with the support of WWF-Russia Amur branch.   In July 2011 approved the scheme of development and location of protected areas in the Trans-Baikal Region for the period until 2021.  According to the document area of ​​the regional protected areas in the region should grow up to 5-6% (more than 2-fold compared to the present).

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