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22 septembre 2011 4 22 /09 /septembre /2011 16:34

Nouveau plan de renforcement des conditions d'épanouissement  du groupe le plus septentrional des tigres russes (source : WWF Russia, ce jour)

Ce plan établi sur 3 ans s'effectuera en association avec des intervenants suédois.


In the Khabarovsk region in support of the WWF launched a 3-year project to conserve the most northerly of the tiger population in Russia.


  "North's Ark", is being sponsored by the Swedish Postal lottery will be held in Nanaiski area.  It inhabits the northern Amur tiger population - about 20 individuals.  In recent years it has established a number of protected areas.   The biggest of them - Anyuiskiy National Park.

For tiger conservation program envisages to increase the number of ungulates, establishment and support of anti-poaching brigades, environmental education of local people.

To coordinate the project in the district within 10 days of work by experts from the WWF and the Swedish zoo who took part in the survey area and anti-poaching raids. The main participants and the project will be Anyuiskiy National Park Service and the Wildlife Conservation and Protected Areas of the Khabarovsk Krai.

"An important part of the project - the creation of a national park area around Anyui support through collaboration with the population of the region - says Viktor Nikiforov, director of pilot projects of WWF Russia. - Local residents, including representatives of indigenous peoples, should be able to engage in environmental management, traditional hunting and fishing in and benefit from ecotourism. "

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