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9 novembre 2011 3 09 /11 /novembre /2011 05:19



In early November, office ohotnadzora Primorsky Krai, chasseur service model hunting

"Sidatun" with WWF anti-poaching raid conducted on the northern borders of tiger habitat in Primorye.

 During the six days of the operative group ohotnadzora Primorsky Territory under the supervision of one of the most experienced hunters Boris Viktorovskogo worked Krasnoarmeysk area.  The result was the drafting of the three protocols on violators of environmental laws, the removal of illegal products of hunting and two illegal guns.  Much time was devoted to work in the hunting   "Sidatun" four years is a model farm for the WWF environmental sustainability: the territory of 360 thousand hectares of lease Projects for the preservation of the unique cedar Mill nut-fishing zones, anti-poaching and sustainable ohotpolzovaniyu.

"The recent snow has allowed a very reliable estimate of the situation in the hunting   "Sidatun" in terms of the availability of ungulates and the extent of poaching.  I was pleasantly surprised that even on a fairly busy road miller - Plastun 10 kilometers route we found traces of 15 wapiti, about 20 deer and two wild boars, bears, six and one tiger.  This is, first of all, says the good result of the territory as its own Jaeger service and competent work of the head hunting "- says program coordinator of WWF-Russia Amur branch biodiversity, one of the raid, Pavel Fomenko.

The network model hunting the Amur branch of WWF-Russia's Primorye ten counts of hunting, the location of which geographically is important to save the Amur tiger and its habitat.  Their territory, as a rule, or buffer zones of existing reserves, sanctuaries and national parks, or - ecological corridors that allow animals to effectively use the space at the expense of strengthening the protection and proper game management.  "The Bear", the number of ungulates in the aggregate is higher than in adjacent protected areas.  "Sidatun" in the eastern part adjacent to the Sikhote-Alin Biosphere Reserve, in the north is bordered by national park "Udege Legend," and in the southwestern part - with the Reserve   "Taiga". This underscores the importance of proximity of the area, the effective management of the territory which extends almost around protected areas.

"Reduction of poaching - one of the main tasks of service ohotnadzora. And the fact that the results of the raid on the territory "Sidatuna" was not arrested a single offender - it is just a good indicator.  This means that chasseur service is effective hunting, so it is at ease they feel the animals.  Unfortunately, the adjacent areas, where households own security almost does not work, the results were not encouraging, and that was confirmed last raid ", - said Boris Viktorovsky, head of Arsenyevsky ohotnadzora Primorsky Krai.

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