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21 février 2013 4 21 /02 /février /2013 08:28

Derniers éléments (mois de février) sur des tigres en Province Maritime (source : Phoenix Fund, hier). Pour le cas du 14 février, le jeune tigre blessé a cherché l'aide des humains en stratégie de dernier recours (voir le détail ci après, article du Moscow Times du 15 février). Ce n'est pas une première : une tigresse épuisée et incapable d'assurer le couvert de son petit s'en était remise, il y a quelques années, aux bons soins d'un soldat russe en poste sur la frontière avec la Chine (info gracieusement transmise par Larissa Issaeïva).

Latest Updates About Tigers in Russia

February 5, 2013. A woman’s attempt to sell Amur tiger skeleton was thwarted when the buyers she met with turned out to be police officers. The remains of a tiger cub – a skull, legs and rib cage – were found in the boot of her car. Police investigators believe that the tiger derivatives could have been forwarded to China where tiger bones are traditionally used in medicine. A 32-year-old woman was questioned by investigators. She told that she got tiger parts from her two friends. According to police sources, the two suspected accomplices are the locals of Nikitovka village (Pozharsky district of Primorye) – a 60-year-old man and a 62-year-old fellow. They claimed that when riding horses in the woods they found a package with tiger bones.  Police have started a criminal investigation into the killing of the endangered species. (Source: RIA-NOVOSTI)

February 14, 2013. Wildlife managers rescued a 6-month-old tiger cub caught in a trap in Kavalerovsky district. The animal was extremely emaciated. His leg was seriously traumatized. The cub was transported to Arseniev town where it was urgently operated by veterinarians. After the surgery, the animal was taken to the Utyos Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in Khabarovsky krai. . (Source: RIA-NOVOSTI)

February 17, 2013. Ussuriisky police officers and wildlife managers arrested two residents charged with killing a tiger. The detained suspects had killed an Amur tiger and then tried to sell its skin, bones and cartilages. It was determined that the 4-year-old tiger was killed two weeks ago. A criminal proceeding on tiger poaching was initiated.  (Source: ITAR-TASS)


The Amur tiger leaves taiga to ask people for help


The Amur tiger leaves taiga to ask people for help

Photo : Ria Novosti



In the Russian Far East Primorye a weakened Amur tiger left the taiga with an illegal poachers trap on its paw and approached people to ask for help. Crying from pain, the predator strolled around one of the villages and did not wish to return to the woods. Local hunters called on the police and forest rangers for help. Using all possible efforts it was captured and the trap was removed. According to experts, the immature animal which is hardly a year old absolutely casually got caught in a trap meant for a smaller furred animal obviously having been thrilled by the bait. It was brought to the rehabilitation center in downtown of Usurisk where all injured wild animals from all over Primorye are sheltered. Veterinary doctors assured that the animal has no serious injuries and will recover soon. After that it will be returned to the taiga.



VLADIVOSTOK, February 22 (RIA Novosti) – Environmentalists in the Primorye Territory in Russia’s Far East rescued an orphaned Amur tiger cub, the local administration said on Friday.

The six-month-old male cub was trying to hunt in the taiga, but was doomed due to his young age and weakness, Vladimir Vasilyev, the Primorye wildlife protection department chief, said.

“The tiger cub is very active and put up a fight,” Vasilyev said, adding that specialists tracked the animal for three days before they caught it.

The cub will be examined by veterinarians and then sent to a rehabilitation center, he said.

According to the Primorye administration, the cub could be a brother of a six-month-old tigress, which was rescued from a trap about ten days ago not far from the place where the cub was found.

The Amur tiger was put on the list of endangered species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) . The population of the Amur tigers, one of six tiger subspecies found only in Russia’s Far East and in some areas of Northern China, currently numbers some 450 animals. Experts estimate that from 30 to 50 Amur tigers are killed by poachers and irresponsible hunters every year.

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