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5 novembre 2011 6 05 /11 /novembre /2011 09:35



News agencies reported the death of China tiger in the district of Mishan, Heilongjiang Province.  

As reported by our colleagues from WWF China, the tiger killed a local farmer discovered Liu Isun and immediately reported the incident to state security.

 Researcher Heyluntszyanskogo Research Institute of Wildlife, a member of the expert advisory committee for the protection of WWF China tiger Sun Hajj, he went with his team in the district Mishan examine the dead tiger, and to establish the causes of his death.

 On the neck of the animal was discovered the noose of wire.

At the conclusion of Sun Haya male tiger about 5-6 years, with a width of 11.5 cm heel caught in a loop, but tore the wire, unable to free himself from lingering loops.  Slipknot did not give him the opportunity to hunt, which was the cause of death.

According to research conducted by WWF China in winter 2010-2011, for every 10 kilometers route length of 609 km, which took place after 9 forest districts, it was found on 1.6 loops.  These studies have strong evidence Steel scale poaching threat.

"The discovery of a dead tiger, unfortunately, was not a surprise to us, the death of the animal was predictable, - says Sergey Aramilev, coordinator of WWF-Russia Amur branch biodiversity - working a year ago in the neighboring province (Jilin) ​​on each route, we found is the number of loops that have hoofed animals living there, there was no chance of survival.  Most likely, the tiger got into a loop, installed on the hog, it is made ​​of a stronger rope than a deer or a deer and is attached to larger trees.  Bracing spell of this trap adult male could easily come in and with Russia.  Let me remind you that the males are able to travel long distances, exploring new territory for a possible settlement.  It should be noted that at present China has not been established in the required security system, which would effectively fought with mass production methods of barbaric animals, such as the use of loops and poisons. "

To restore the tiger population in China is necessary to radically change the situation, to restore the number of hoofed animals, after which the Tigers out of our territory themselves begin colonize forests of China.To date, user-friendly places to go there are only two: a reserve   "Leopard" and the planned reserve   "Sredneussuriysky." Unfortunately, the materials to build Sredneussuriyskogo reserve more than a year are being approved by the Administration of Primorsky Krai.

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