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14 octobre 2011 5 14 /10 /octobre /2011 15:42

LIBERER LES ESPACES NE SUFFIT PAS, SI LES PROIES SONT BRACONNEES IMPUNEMENT, du fait d'une architecture législative sans cohérence. Sergeï Ivanov prend la mesure des choses. Prochain test le 20 Octobre

Voir détail sur la page publiée le 12 Octobre sur le site du Premier Ministre


Régions concernées : Primorye, Amour, Sakhaline, région autonome juive

(et WWF Russia, ce jour).

Line law enforcement agencies to eradicate poaching - one of the necessary conditions for the preservation of wildlife

WWF believes it is important that the problem of poaching has been raised at the V International Ecological Forum «  "Nature Without Borders" at the highest level - in the report of the Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov.

Report of Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov presented at the Forum in Vladivostok Department of Rosprirodnadzor for DFO, was dedicated to the conservation of the rarest cats of the planet - the leopard.  The number of the latter on the globe is a natural grouping remains critically low - 35-45 individuals.  One of the emergency measures undertaken by the Russian government to save the Far Eastern leopard population, is the decision to establish a national park "Land of the Leopard."

"Of course, by itself, the creation of specially protected natural area - this is not a guarantee of preservation and a significant increase in leopard population.  Throughout this vast area is necessary to ensure not just compliance with the established regime, and focus on key areas of work "- the report said Vice-Premier Sergei Ivanov, and then listed the tasks and specifically the problem.

First - this is the fight against poaching.  It's not so much about the illegal shooting of wild cats, but about the hunt for prey. "The effective result is not even enough large inspection services of the national park, its training and technical equipment.  It is essential to well-established cooperation with law enforcement agencies, as well as the line themselves law enforcement to eradicate poaching.  Unfortunately, today there are clearly visible problems - and especially in the Khasan district of Primorsky Krai ", - noted in the report.

"Nature Without Borders", an area of 12 criminal cases filed by the police in 2009-2010.  of illegal hunting in the reserve   "Leopard", only 4 brought to court. And of these 4 cases 3 cases against eight defendants, halted by the courts in cases of active repentance.

"It is obvious - the practice devalues ​​the principle of inevitability of punishment, that in our society leads to legal nihilism, self-poachers in their impunity and ease of committing such acts in future. Moreover, this practice makes unworkable st.258 the Criminal Code.  If we terminate a criminal case for illegal hunting a group of persons by prior conspiracy, in protected areas and the use of a motor vehicle that is  crime under Part 2 of Art. 258 of the Criminal Code, then what can be said about the illegal hunting, for instance on the same tiger or leopard, if such acts constitute only part 1 of Art. 258,  initially providing a lighter sentence? Finally, all this undermines the reputation of the state inspectors and practically nullifies the work . In general, the situation is intolerable and requires the intervention and evaluation, at least on the part of the prosecution "- sounded at the conclusion of the Forum report.

«WWF fully supports the position of Vice-Premier Sergei Ivanov and reasonably fears that vicious precedent case law in the Khasan district can not continue.That is why WWF experts actively involved in assisting the Reserve "Cedar Pad" in the legal support of affairs - says Sergey Aramilev, coordinator of WWF-Russia Amur branch biodiversity .- I note that such judgments are diametrically different from similar decisions in other areas of Primorsky Krai.  For example, in the Lazovsky district courts rightly have repeatedly recognized and condemned the guilty persons are not only illegal dobyvshih animals within Lazo Reserve, but also those who produced the illegal hunting of protected natural territory by stalking or harassment of the beast, but in fact they not extracted as a result. "

As it became known WWF-Russia, the criminal case against Chesnokov, Asmolina, Rogachev and Matyushenko, which was mentioned in the report of Ivanov, double-stopped Khasan district court in connection with defendants' active repentance, and both times the decision to dismiss the case called off Primorye regional court as illegal on appeal the director of the reserve  "Cedar Pad. At present the criminal case has once again returned to the Khasan District Court for reconsideration in a different format.  According to preliminary information, the case is scheduled for October 20.

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