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27 septembre 2011 2 27 /09 /septembre /2011 15:49


12 years ago, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has become one of the organizers of the Tiger Day in Vladivostok, together with other environmental organizations realizing the vision of writer Vladimir Troynina seaside.  The main objective was to attract the attention of all - young and old - to the problems of conservation of the Amur tiger, whose well-being depends on how you will treat him the people in the southern Far East of Russia, where there is this striped cat. And in the tradition of WWF in the day from the podium of the Day Tiger tells the people or the most important problem or the most significant victory in the past year.

"In 2010, more than 130 thousand people - participants of the Year Tiger in Russia - supported by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). The overall result was the convening of the International Tiger Forum in St. Petersburg, where Vladimir Putin has made ​​Russia's obligation to preserve the Amur tiger.  And today we can confirm that the ban actually cutting the Korean cedar tree in the main tiger woods.  First Deputy Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov held a special meeting on conservation of coniferous and deciduous forests, and ordered the forests of Primorsky Krai to amend the Forest Plan region, to ensure that the Amur tiger habitat - nut-fishing zones, Sredneussuriysky reserve.  And Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov is not only "Kissed" a leopard, but ordered the establishment of a national park with the expansion of protected area per thousand square kilometers, which will benefit both Amur leopards and tigers living here. And the cedar has responded this year by our common concern for bumper crop of nuts - enough for both people and birds and beasts. So, next year we can expect  "Harvest" Tiger! "  - Said Yuri Darman, director of the Amur Branch of WWF Russia.

Participation in the Day of the Tiger flag WWF became the main award for the boys from school Zanadvorovskoy Khasan area: they were the winners of role-playing game   "Land of Leopard", which was held on the eve of Slavyanka.  Together with the Panda and the Tiger in the procession marched the volunteers WWF, who last spring took part in the planting of cedar, and the winners of the contest information banner-headlines family to save the pine plantations on fire in the Khasan district. And at the head of the column was friends club WWF   "Edelweiss" High School named after Alexander Fadeev Chuguevka village.  These guys, like hasantsy were also awarded a trip to the edge Tiger Day celebration.  They were in a convoy with WWF calls for: "Let us not stand still! , Let's help we are all together a tiger! " "Tiger in the forest lives large. , Preserving the tiger together! " "Tiger - Yes! Poachers - trouble!  Let the tiger lives in the world ever! 

This year, as the main message of the inhabitants of Primorye WWF chose the topic at home save the Amur tiger - Ussuri taiga.  The column was decorated by the Fund in capital letters, composed in the call   "Let's save the tiger, save the cedar!" - It enthusiastically chanted the demonstrators, raising letters above their heads.  This theme was continued in the pavilion of WWF, which was located in the central square of Vladivostok.  Its walls were adorned with posters with pictures from the rally "Plant a Forest for the leopard," during which with the help of volunteers planted 576,000 saplings WWF cedar in the Khasan district of Primorye - unique on the planet, home to two species at the same time the rare big cats - Amur leopard and Siberian tiger. Participants learned to share photos of themselves and their friends, and those who did not participate, with interest seen pictures. Hopefully they too will the ranks of volunteers in May next year when the planting of cedar will be continued!

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