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30 novembre 2011 3 30 /11 /novembre /2011 09:44

Découverte de la plus grosse opération de contrebande d'holothuries (concombres de mer) à destination de la Chine, depuis 10 ans, dans le Primorye : 570 kgs de poids sec, pour 34 millions de roubles. La législation et les moyens concrets de parade sur le terrain vont être sérieusement renforcés. (Source : WWF Russia, ce jour).

A l'époque où la région était chinoise, ceux ci avaient baptisé "la ville aux holothuries" - qu'ils pêchaient dans les baies de celle - ci - l'actuelle Vladivostok.


November 24 operational staff of the Far Eastern Customs (DVOT) stopped another attempt to cross-border movement of illegal trepang Party - the largest in the last 10 years.   WWF-Russia experts assisted in the examination.

As the press service DVOT, in the course of search operations revealed that the crime was pre-planned and prepared by a group of persons, which included a few citizens of the PRC.  In order to conceal the goods transported in a vehicle used for international transport, was equipped with a special hiding place. "Turya Horn" (Border Region), in a cache located in a semi-trailer truck, officers found 50 bags DVOT with trepang, canned boiled-dried method, weighing 570 kilograms.  To form such a party had to be poachers get at least 15 tons of raw trepang.

The design of a hidden cavity and method of manufacture indicate serious intentions of the criminal group to implement their plans, including the long term.

"According to our preliminary conclusion of the value of the seized quantity of trepang is about 34 million rubles, which is undoubtedly the major damage and the applicable law is the basis for criminal prosecution, which was done. Of course, such a large value due to the size of a record over the last decade the party trepang. Increasing the flow of smuggled goods that is associated with many causes, one of them - the increased demand in the Middle Kingdom on this type of product, the price of that lately has tripled, "- says program coordinator of WWF-Russia Amur branch biodiversity Sergei Aramilev.

For 2011 is already the second largest party trepang , which tried to move across the border a similar method.  In September of this case is adjudicated against a citizen of China: the verdict was, to say the least, kutsym insufficient, due to the liberalization of the Russian Criminal Code.

The need for urgent changes to the Criminal Code and other laws relating to the suppression of smuggling, WWF has said long ago, customs officials keenly support this initiative. This has direct relevance to the conservation of the Amur tiger and leopard, as the size of the parties moved their parts and derivatives in times less than the party trepang and ginseng, which is reflected in the cost of goods and, therefore, to punish smugglers.

As noted in the press service DVOT, currently in the penal law made major changes. In the form in which responsibility for contraband exists at the present time in the future will be gone. But at the same time, the new legislation will include responsibility for the smuggling of goods limited to the turnover, as well as strategic goods, resources and cultural values.

In this list of products will be approved by the Government of the Russian Federation. Given the significant amount of illegal movement of rare fauna and flora listed in the Red Book of the Russian Federation, in Appendix 1 of CITES, and getting under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, CITES, it is important that all these objects have fallen in this list.  Only in this way could be to prevent their destruction, and illegal movement across the border.

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