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16 janvier 2012 1 16 /01 /janvier /2012 17:36

Incendies hivernaux sur les terres des léopards orientaux (source : WWF Russia, ce jour).

L'un d'entre eux, Uzor, retrouvé mort à la Saint Sylvestre. Mort violente probable. Difficile d'être plus précis (source: Phoenix Fund, 13 Janvier).


Despite the winter cold in Primorye in the Far Eastern leopard habitat continues fighting fires.   WWF appeals to the inhabitants of the earth Leopard with a request to be extremely cautious with fire!

The onset of winter fire hazardous period in the south-west Primorye officially over, but in fact there remains a fire danger conditions.  Only for the autumn snow fell on November 21-22, after precipitation in the southwest was not.  Daytime temperatures in January are held closer to the positive, solar activity - the maximum under these conditions the snow to come down 60-70% already. Leopard on the earth today can see the vast plains and mountainous areas with a high risk of pyrogenic: underfoot ready at any moment ignite dry grass and forest litter.

"Well-documented that the soldiers in the hour arranged the portable target, and then began maneuvering on rough terrain reconnaissance and gunfire in the dry grass. The result is known: in the Gunpowder Falls flashed so that the flame as a man was in several places, - says Anatoly Belov, a senior state inspector of the reserve   "Cedar Pad." While aggrieved area does not exceed 16 hectares burned wooded areas that are "Maternity home" for the pheasant.  Landholder here is the Russian Ministry of Defense. "

The January fires in the forests began immediately after the first few days of Christmas. The data of space monitoring show that 5 and 6 January a strong fire "Hosted" the mountains south of Big Tiger of Malaya Novgorodovka Valley.  There are no roads and the terrain difficult to access for the public, as is maintained by border guards of the village Poset. Fire extinguished at the border rangers hunting "Fauna", which were provided by the Amur branch of WWF blowers.  

 In connection with the fire risk situation in the world of Leopard, WWF Russia appeals to users of the land, and just ohotpolzovatelyam residents of southwest Primorye with the request to be extremely careful with fire.


Leopard Found Dead

The remains of the leopard named Uzor (Pattern) by Russian conservationists were found on December 31, 2011 when the protected area law enforcement personnel were on routine patrolling in Leopardovy Wildlife Refuge, the Russian Far East. The animal was fitted with a satellite-tracking collar in September 2011 by researchers of the A.N Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution of the Russian Academy of Sciences as part of their study of the endangered and elusive leopards. It was a male leopard aged approximately 5-6 years (body length of 126 cm, tail of 88 cm, and pad width of 6.5 cm). 


A panel of three veterinary doctors performed the postmortem at Primorsky State Agricultural Academy on January 10, 2012, but could not ascertain the exact cause of death because all internal organs of the animal were missing. According to the doctors, there were a lot of sings on the animal’s body, such as soft-tissue and hard-tissue injuries at the base of the skull and neck, showing that it might have met a violent death. Moreover, there were four 0.5cm x 0.6cm round wounds on its cheekbone. Unfortunately, it was impossible to identify a real cause of those wounds. No evidence suggesting gun shots was found during the autopsy. Fragments of tissue with round wounds were forwarded for further examination.

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