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14 février 2015 6 14 /02 /février /2015 07:53

Etablissement des premiers résultats du recensement 2015 les 16 et 17 Février

Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Sergei Donskoi is expected to visit the Primorye Territory on 16-17 February to sum up the provisional results of the Amur tiger census.

According to a statement by the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, the visit will be focused on reviewing the provisional results of a nation-wide effort to count the population of the Amur tiger and the Far Eastern leopard. On 16 February, the Minister will visit the Prosyolochnaya cordon of the Lazovsky Nature Reserve, inspect a trail and meet with researchers.

A working meeting on the implementation of the programme for the conservation of the Amur tiger will be held in the Centre for Rehabilitation and Reintroduction of Tigers and Other Rare Species, located in the village of Alekseyevka. The Minister is also expected to attend events organised by the centre to showcase work with wild animals, their treatment and adaptation to living in the wild.

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