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La forêt est à tout le monde. Le site officiel du Territoire de Khabarovsk publie les recommandations pour une cohabitation apaisée lors de rencontres entre humains et grands félins. Amur Tiger Programme, avant - hier.


What do you do if you come face to face with an Amur tiger?

Recommendations on what to do if you meet an Amur tiger are available on the website of the Khabarovsk Territory Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. Descriptions of possible situations when you find yourself face to face with the big cat are followed by instructions on how to survive such encounters without harming the Amur tiger, which is an endangered species.


Experts say: whatever you do, you mustn’t panic, run away, turn your back on the tiger or shoot at it. The Amur tiger is one of the most dangerous predators, yet it views humans as rivals rather than prey and does not attack first.


The tiger is a stealthy nocturnal animal. If it approaches populated localities, this may mean that there are cubs or prey nearby. In this case, local residents must not try to capture the cubs or even approach them or the prey. Sometimes the tigers are emaciated, injured or hungry. If this is so, it is advisable to leave the area and report the sighting of the dangerous animal to the nature protection authorities.


The best way to drive the tiger away is to make as much noise as you can, because tigers don’t like loud sounds. Shooting above the tiger could frighten it away sooner than shooting at the animal. Remember: a wounded tiger becomes lethal. Tigers can be frightened away from populated localities with fire and rescue flares. However, domestic animals and cattle should be kept within enclosures.


The Khabarovsk Territory Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment urges people to follow these recommendations in the areas where tigers live, because the majority of conflict situations during encounters with tigers are created by humans. 



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