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6 août 2019 2 06 /08 /août /2019 06:20

L'Institut Severtsov vient de publier son dernier rapport en langue anglaise sur les grands félins de Russie (tigres, léopards du Caucase et d'extrême orient, panthères des neiges).  Amur Tiger Programme, hier.


La publication complète de 139 pages (qui inclut notamment les données les plus complètes jamais publiées sur l'histoire récente des léopards du Caucase) est directement accessible ici : 


Over the last decade, populations of rare mammal species, particularly big cats,
have been intensively studied and restored in Russia. For this purpose, the Permanent
Expedition of Russian Academy of Sciences for study of Russian Red Data Book animals and other key animals of Russian fauna included into A.N. Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution of Russian Academy of Sciences was organized. In the framework of the Permanent Expedition, the Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution runs a number of projects on big cats that are rare not only in Russia but also globally, specifically the Amur tiger, the Amur leopard, and the Snow leopard . Thanks to efforts to restore the Amur tiger population in the north-west of the Russian part of its range, a method of rehabilitation and releasing orphan tiger cubs back into the wild was developed, and has proved effective. Female tigers released in the Amur and Jewish autonomous regions of Russia have already produced offspring and have thus formed a new group of this species. The reintroduction of the Caspian tiger in Central Asia and Kazakhstan is currently under discussion. The program of restoring (reintroducing) the Caucasian leopard in the Caucasus is also in progress : the first animals released by the Leopard Recovery Center in the Caucasus have successfully adapted to living in the wild. These studies were published in the book of abstracts of the International Workshop on Rehabilitation and Reintroduction of Large Carnivores, held in Moscow on 25–27 November 2015 , and in the monograph on the snow leopard  published in 2016, which paid considerable attention to our work on the rehabilitation and reintroduction of the Amur tiger as a method to restore populations of big cats. Intensive work is ongoing in the Land of the Leopard National Park, where the number of Amur leopards is increasing thanks to enhanced protection measures.


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