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Source : Times of India, ce jour. Kuno doit bientôt accueillir des lions en provenance de Gir (voir : "Résidence secondaire", publiée hier sur ce blog). Si les choses se concrétisent, en quels termes les deux grands félins vont - ils cohabiter? 

GWALIOR: Movement of tigers from Rajasthan's Ranthambore to the Chambal range in Madhya Pradesh has become a cause for concerned of the two states.

Three tigers who went missing from Ranthambore have been located in Madhya Pradesh including one in Seoda range in Datia district - a mix of reserve and protected forest area and two in Kuno Wildlife Sanctuary, selected for relocating lions from Gir in Gujarat.

After writing to the Madhya Pradesh forest officials to check whereabouts of the missing tigers, a team of officers from Ranthambore visited Datia district last week. They installed camera traps to check its movements. The tiger was finally caught in the camera traps of Madhya Pradesh forest department.

"Our team followed the tiger all the way to MP. We are happy that it's safe there and the officers were very cooperative. We cannot stop dispersal, only concern is its safety," said Y K Sahu, district forest officer Ranthambore.

The tiger in Datia is said to be a 3-year-old cub of Ranthambore's T-26 tigress. Information collected from the forest officials and the GPS tracking by WWF India- Western India Tiger landscape team indicates this cub travelled more than 220 km to reach the Seoda range.

On March 14, 2013 the tiger was found in Seoda range of Datia territorial forest division, which is a forest patch of 55km in length and width of 11-12 km. The range has both reserve and protected forests with the Sindh river flowing in the middle and the Vindhya hill ranges on the western side. There are many villages on both sides

From March 14 till date several samples and pugmarks have been recorded while following the tiger. There was no tiger sightings reported from Datia till one was shot dead by poachers in 1998. Prior to that one was hunted 'legally' by member of a Royal family in 1960, said sources.

"We are very concerned about the tiger's safety. Additional patrolling is being done to keep tab on its movement," said chief conservator of forest (Gwalior circle) S P Rayal.

Kuno is now a house to two Ranthambore tigers, T-38 that was spotted there since last year and other one that moved in recently. Officers had been visiting the place to track the tigers. "We have not received any pictures of the tiger so far. Search is on," Sahu said.

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