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Recommendations by WWF and other NGOs, as well as the administrations of Khabarovsk Territory and Amur region will be included in the scheme of complex use and protection of the basin of the Amur River

According to WWF Peter Osipov (Public Ecological Organization "Amur ISEU") on a conference in Khabarovsk representative of the developer SKIOVO Nicholas Bortin gave the characteristic represented in the region of the document and acknowledged that the "scheme" has several disadvantages, including lack of calculation of the norms of permissible exposure (NDV ) around the pool.  In the present embodiment SKIOVO rates are calculated only for the lower Amur.  During the discussion, representatives of regional authorities and public organizations of the Khabarovsk Territory and Amur region have expressed serious reservations to SKIOVO in part the lack of worked Rules of reservoirs, unrecorded claims environmental flows, the influence of unrecorded activities scheme for protected areas, flora and fauna.The main problem remains that the developers have not linked the "Scheme" with the requirements of environmental flow and water discharge.   The Council recognized the need to ensure the finalization of documents in 2011-2012.

As the chairman assured the Amur River Basin Council chief Amur River Basin Water Management Andrei Makarov, to include all reasonable offers will be established a working group involving all stakeholders.  To promote environmental requirements in SKIOVO he proposed to the Council of representatives of leading NGOs in the region: Yuri Darman, director of the Amur branch of WWF Russia and Peter Osipov, "Amur ISEU.

  Comments Svetlana Titova, Coordinator for PA Amur branch of WWF Russia: "It's hard to imagine a more paradoxical situation:" The Scheme ", which was created in order to assess the level of potential impact on river basin without compromising the river itself has no settlements on the norms of permissible impact and the requirements of environmental flows.   WWF has already prepared their concrete proposals and forwarded them to the developer.  Let us hope that in two years will SKIOVO soootvetstvovat its name and it will be a real consideration not only the use but also the protection of Amur




Twice in March, the tiger came to the seaside village Kievka.   WWF-Russia is following the situation and reiterates the rules of conduct in the habitats of the Amur tiger.  Typically, in order to find an interesting topic or to get on scene, environmental journalists should "not sleep for three days and three nights to walk" ... In this case, to me, a spokesman for the Amur branch of WWF Russia's Alena Starostin, striped theme, which is called , she "came into the hands of" the soft paws.  One day in March at dawn Siberian tiger visited our family farmstead in the village Kievka Lazo district of Primorye.  Come on hunters' case.  Breaking flight in the fence, got off the leash dog Barsik, the owner of which is our son, a member of the Lazo Reserve Vladimir Volovenko, and to investigate the conflict situation on the spot - that is, literally, to his home, left Vladivostok, my husband, Chief Spetsinspektsii " Tiger Vitaly Starostin. . It is important to understand - what is this beast and how to make sure that he had not returned to the village again. Dangerous this thing, to walk through the village ...

Together with leading experts hunting supervision of the Office of the Primorsky Territory Sergey Krasnitskaya went on tiger trail.  Make it easy: the snow nearly all melted, so pay attention to any marks left by the beast. No way, none of the series that's emerging is that the tiger appeared in these places: near the Lazo Reserve, so I came down from the hills of the forest and made his way to the house on a key, it is likely, and "not understand" that stepped on the "foreign" territory. Starvation in these places do not - the winter was mild, suitable for the animal, even the bears into hibernation did not lay down. As confirmed by Sergei Petrovich, hoofed animals in the woods enough, the village has attracted a tiger, most likely, more light and big game - the dog.

Judging by the fuzzy fingerprint paws on melted ice - this tiger is still young and, presumably, is full of interest to the world, curious and as yet knows no fear.  Their prey - a noble breed of dog mixed with sheep, weighing not more than 25 kg, he dragged dragging, which indicates that the relatively small increases. A week before the incident the same tiger knocked down and threw two dogs from a resident Kievka Olga rich man living in two hundred meters up the key.  But popolzovavshis they could not - apparently fearing the din of the masters of the house.  After this incident repellent activities were conducted by Lazo Reserve. When repeated conflicts in the village, they will be resumed.  Has the situation under control and leading specialist of the hunting supervision in the Primorsky Territory Sergey Krasnitsky.

Except for dogs, fallen victim to tiger appetite, while the villagers and the tiger peacefully disperse.  The main thing that people are not allowed to fire on striped cat.  This not only entails a responsibility to Article 258 of the Criminal Code (illegal hunting) and a claim of 500 000 rubles for damage to nature, but also really dangerous to life - and the tiger, and man. A wounded tiger who walks near the village, it is already, as they say, is another story.  Not by accident is the first commandment, which warned tigrovedy, reads as follows: in any case do not shoot the tiger.  The wounded tiger is deadly for your life and the lives of others.  Aging and self-control - the main components of human behavior when dealing with this beast.

The Amur tiger is a jewel of the Far Eastern taiga and the pride of the Russians.  However, it is strong and dangerous predator, the neighborhood which requires care and certain rules of conduct. To prevent conflict sittsatsy WWF Russia reiterates the need to respect the rules of human behavior and keeping of pets in the habitats of the Amur tiger.

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