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23 mars 2012 5 23 /03 /mars /2012 05:28

L'orphelin récupéré le 25 février dans le Sud Ouest du Primorye en mauvais état, qui semblait en bonne voie de rétablissement au début de ce mois (voir pages blog des 27 février et 5 mars, et le site gouvernemental


du 16 mars) est mort. Source : WWF Russia, ce jour.

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Tiger lives fighting to the last
March 17 members of the Office of hunting supervision of Primorye was detected 5.6 months tiger - striped brother tigress rescued in February. Unfortunately, despite the range of activities undertaken through the night he died.

This story happened in the south-west Primorye.  February 25, 2012 in the hunting "Borisov" has been found extremely emaciated cub - a female Siberian tiger at the age of 4-5 months.  Despite the unfavorable weather, the assistance provided by staff of the Office time hunting and veterinary supervision of the Maritime State Academy of Agriculture (PGSKHA), has helped rejuvenate the beast, much to put on weight and get in the physiological norm.  Played its role and operational support for financial supporters of WWF Russia.

Trying to unravel the taiga is the incident for almost a month a group of employees of the Office of hunting supervision led search for traces of mother-tigress and the second cub.  The inspectors have reason to believe that he exists.  According to the first phase of the monitoring of the Amur tiger, which was conducted by the Office in December 2011, in the immediate vicinity of the places where they found a striped orphan, were marked by traces of females with two cubs.  Given that at this early age are certainly a number of cubs with a female, by the Office of the employees organized an operation to search for the tiger family.

In late February, during the second phase of monitoring, on the same route was marked by the trace of tiger.  Version was confirmed, but the lack of snow prevented vytropit beast. More than two weeks spent on the search for new tracks.  Specialists of the Office of hunting supervision persistently returned to the route, knowing that every day is melting hope to find an animal alive.  Only in the tenth week of March they were able to rediscover a long-awaited track to begin tropleniyu and, after several days of work, to see, finally, the red-black stripes. Unlike her sister, do not become waste residues vitality to resist the people, the boy tried to run away, growled and was given into the hand. The essence of a wild animal got the upper hand, taking from the end of a long harried walk in the woods cub last effort, so it needs for quite another - to fight for life ...

Already almost certainly can be argued that the mother tiger cubs died from a bullet of a poacher.  Troplenie traces showed that foundling did not stop trying to find his mother, repeatedly exploring the territory where it was discovered by his sister, and early winter there were traces of their family friendly - says program coordinator of WWF Russia Amur branch biodiversity expert Sergey Aramilev party. - In this age of cubs are not able to earn their own livelihood in a winter forest.  But our hero tried his best.  The nature of injuries on the head tiger leads to the conclusion that he had taken refuge and began to badger digging, he was able to get to the food of salvation, but he could not defeat him.  Badger seriously injured Tiger Cub bitten through the nose and gums, causing inflammation of the oral cavity. Struggling for life, he ate the remains found rotten skins of ungulates and woody mushrooms, which, of course, did not add him strength. "

Caught in a forest animal was quickly taken by the inspectors hunting supervision in a warm room, and he was given a qualified veterinary care specialists PGSKHA.  But, despite these measures, as shown by the autopsy, conducted by veterinarians, agricultural experts from academia and WWF-Russia, the cub because of the strong exhaustion and hypothermia have begun irreversible processes that led to the termination of the individual body systems and, consequently, to the death of the animal.

"It is worth noting Office of hunting supervision that do not give up and continued to investigate the situation to end. The forest is very difficult to even find a lost person, not to mention the cub, whose move defies logic.  Like last time, in spite of the weekend, Tiger was captured without causing him injury, and promptly moved to the point of care.  Unfortunately, the body has already begun irreversible processes, and he could not help anything, but this became known only after the autopsy.  Each of the staff of the Office who participated in this study, perceived loss of personal tragedy as a cub, - Sergey continues Aramilev. - We hope that created the Office of hunting supervision of Primorsky Krai group to resolve the conflict with the tiger and other large predators, and a similar her in the Khabarovsk Territory, finally have a decent public funding. Existing subsidies are not enough even for fuel, not to mention everything else "

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