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Environmental significance of an array of indigenous old-growth forests located in the south of Arkhangelsk region, in the upper river Vashka, was confirmed as a result of the expedition in the summer of 2010, WWF . This is one of the last remaining large areas of old-growth forests throughout Europe.  There never were industrial logging, they are rich flora and fauna and the presence of many rare and endangered species.  Under the agreement, timber companies undertake a period of 10 years to logging, road construction and other economic activities that would harm the natural complex of the Territory.

"The negociation process was long and complicated character, has gone from total denial of the existence of valuable forest companies and the unwillingness to compromise to readiness to sign an agreement  - Denis Dobrynin, Project Coordinator, WWF.  - However, the moratorium - it's only a temporary measure to preserve forest areas in the preparation of materials for the sanctuary.


New fire season in south-west Primorye will test for the system to prevent and extinguish fires set up by WWF for the conservation and restoration of forest habitat of the Amur leopard.

Despite the continuing winter, the first source of ignition was recorded in the southern part of Khasan district is February 1. Herbal fell seized territory along the railway to the east of the village Gvozdev. In the days following fires occurred in other parts of the Sound, the Posyet. As it happens many years, pockets of fire were reported on the territory of Khasan natural park. The main cause of fires in south-west of Primorye, as usual, becomes uncontrolled burning of dry grass.

As reported by project coordinator of WWF-Russia Amur branch to restore habitat leopard George Likhachev, near the village around the bay Gvozdev Novgorod fire-fighting are members of the hunting economy This Hunting Amur branch of WWF Russia was given a powerful blower "Husqvarna 356" - one of those that were purchased last year at the expense of the supporters of WWF.

 In the past 5 years, WWF is making systematic efforts to create an effective system of preventing and extinguishing fires in south-west of Primorye, the project for the conservation and restoration of forest habitats of the rarest cats of the planet - the leopard.

Beginning in 2009 for the early detection of fires on Earth Leopard WWF uses information about "hot spots" produced by the automatic processing of satellite images from the scanner MODIS. And since the fall fire season in 2010, constantly updated information on sources of ignition in the south-west Primorye placed in a specialized cartographic web service " Fire on Earth Leopard ", developed by NGO" Transparent World "at the initiative of WWF Russia.

For the first time to detect fires in the world of Leopard will be used and the CCTV cameras, installed by WWF in one of the areas with the greatest fire hazard in the tower of mobile communication of MTS.

 "In May this year for the restoration of coniferous-deciduous forests on Earth, we plan to Leopard with the help of volunteers to plant one million seedlings of cedar.  Funds for these large-scale planting to help return the land to Leopard former appearance, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) provided to Citibank. But the success of this work depends largely on whether the restored forests are protected from fire, "- said the head of Forest Programme of WWF-Russia Amur branch Denis Smirnov.

Flammable period began, and WWF-Russia calls on the administration of Khasan, Nadezhda and Ussuri regions of Primorye, land and all the inhabitants of the Earth Leopard to do everything possible to save from the fires of this unique territory of Russia.

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