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The rare occurrence of the Amur tiger by 51 parallel over the death of the predator
The project WWF «Northern Tiger" made a detailed case study of tiger hunting Vaninsky region of Khabarovsk Krai. Крайне истощенный зверь носил под шкурой следы старого огнестрельного ранения. It is extremely emaciated animal skin worn by the traces of an old gunshot wound.

"In this tragic case is, of course, that shoot almost an adult female, which in the long term, could leave offspring, - says program coordinator of WWF Russia Amur branch biodiversity Pavel Fomenko. - The most disturbing and alarming are the potential motives which prompted concealed under normal conditions, the tiger to go to housing rights and carry out an attack.  Research and analysis of causes of death of the physiological state of the predator, conducted by veterinarians of the Maritime Academy of Agriculture, pointed out that the beast was in a high degree of exhaustion and, moreover, bore traces of the old skin of a gunshot wound. "

The most difficult part of the project by WWF and the Swedish zoo  "North Ark", aimed at preserving the most northerly in the Sikhote-Alin group of Amur tiger is the most extreme track calls of predators. This is important, especially in terms of prevention of conflicts between tigers and humans, as the tiger, getting in terms of unusual for him, as a rule, the lack of basic food items, may pose a threat to humans or pets. The key point of this monitoring is to fix sound scientific information about the pulsations of tiger habitat, species dispersal, and its adaptation to new conditions. Therefore, the incident in the district of the Khabarovsk Territory Vaninsky immediately attracted the attention of WWF.

January 30, 2012 a young female tiger about six o'clock in the evening came to an apiary, standing on the bank of the river Tumnin. To make it clearer where it is - you find on the map 51 parallel and back on it 60 kilometers inland from the coast of the Tatar Strait.  Most likely, the tiger caught the barking of dogs, which were near the home.

Hunter received a call from the Director of Services for the protection of fauna and especially protected natural territories of Khabarovsk Krai, Yuri cap on January 31.  "Blocked" the guard apiaries in the back room, but the shot was driven away into the forest.  The next morning, the beast came back to the shelter and attacked a guard dog. Hunter came out on the dogs barking and saw rushing upon him, and a predator had been shooting to kill ...

Immediately after the call has been collected a commission composed of the Director of Services for the protection of wildlife, Head of the Department of Rosprirodnadzor DFO Dmitry Grankina and program coordinator of WWF Russia Amur Branch of Pavel Fomenko. By investigating officer was involved district police office.

"The observed traces on the ground shooting a tiger, the evidence and situational analysis along with the interrogation of witnesses confirmed that the shooting of the tiger did not occur intentionally.  Explicit aggressive predator could lead to loss of life, and in this case, in the opinion of the commission, of the person who committed the shooting of a tiger are compelled and justified ", - said Yuri cap.

According to the latest extreme northern approaches of predators observed in the Khabarovsk region in almost Amur estuary, the transition was recorded on the left bank of the Amur tiger.  Traces of the tiger have been met this winter in the Jewish autonomous and Amur regions.  All these reports are closely reviewed by experts from the WWF and, if necessary, made the field of certification information in order to create the conditions for human security and the preservation of the predator.

The conditions under which the predator was in Vaninsky region of Khabarovsk Krai, were really supercomplex to the survival of young females.

"The current Federal Reserve Tumninsky close with a unique geographical position, which could potentially be home to the northern tiger is now virtually unattended and not secured.  The virtual absence of typical food resources and poaching - this is the main limiting factor for the dispersal of tigers "- draws the attention of the public and the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources Director, WWF Russia Amur Branch Yuri Darman.

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