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Land leopard back in the fire
WWF-Russia believes that the situation with the fires on Earth leopard can spin out of control and calls to introduce state of emergency in the Khasan district of Primorye.  In the near edge of the Nadezhda this mode is entered.

Therefore, the season of spring fires on Earth began leopard ... back in January , during the Christmas holidays, and continues to this day.

In preparation for the spring fire season, WWF gave a set of hardware with software in the operational headquarters of Civil Defense and Emergency Administration Khasan district and conducted training of the service dispatching on the use of video information, established by the Fund on the tower of MTS in the habitat of the Amur leopard, for the rapid detection of foci of fire .

"Cedar Pad" with support from WWF and some land has already eliminated more than 20 fires. Among them - three of arson in the reserve itself, where the grassroots fire covered 309 hectares. And in the reserve  "Leopard" eliminated - more than 15 fires that have engulfed about 2 hectares Continuing to fight the fire involved 25 inspectors, and the reserve team of volunteers.

"Already this year we gave the staff on the second set of entsefalitok and shoes: the first is burned in fires, - the director of the reserve "Cedar Pad" Sergei Khokhryakov. - We are ready to defend the territory of the reserve and that reserve, where high-value areas of forest with plantations of cedar.  But the sanctuary, it was created without removing the land from the land. And putting out fires on their land - it is their contractual obligations.  These duties, with rare exceptions, are not met under the cover of the lack of a license to fire, lack of funds and other things.  All hope is that the district administration will penalize negligent omission. "

At the moment the fires on the lands of the Ministry of Defence (Narvinsky Bamburovsky and polygons), put out jointly by teams of range, supervisors and volunteers.

State Land Reserves of the Earth, outside the sanctuary, were today ... drawn. Т That is, the owner of them, seem to have represented the state, but to put out - none.

And the next day, March 24, will open the spring hunting of waterfowl.  And Khasan District will rush for at least two thousand hunters!  It is easy to imagine how to increase the likelihood of new fires.

Therefore, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) urged the administration Khasan district of Primorsky Krai, immediately implement a state of emergency, as has been done in the next, Nadezhda district.

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