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15 février 2011 2 15 /02 /février /2011 04:57

Après l'échec (programmé) du projet tigre en Iran - voir  sur ce blog, 8 Janvier -, les russes semblent prêts à se donner les moyens pour réussir celle des léopards dans le caucase.


Info WWF Russia 14 Février.

When a leopard disappeared from the Russian Caucasus caused by man. The Government of the Russian Federation and WWF want to bring back a beautiful cat in the Caucasus and for this purpose was brought from Iran and Turkmenistan, four leopard breeding center and the rehabilitation of the Sochi National Park.  Their descendants have begun a new population of Near Eastern or Caucasus, the leopard.  However, the formation of a pair of leopards is difficult and the outcome of their meetings entirely unpredictable.

 Initially, two leopards - Alousa and Mino - placed in adjacent cages.   The female often rolls over his back, the male methyl territory, the animals walked along a wall parallel to the enclosure.  This behavior is typical for the two cats who show each other interesting.

Therefore, experts have decided to move to the second stage of dating and put in a cage to the Mino Alousu.

Grabbed a female leopard at the withers - that's what makes males at the beginning of mating. However, the young and inexperienced Mino misunderstood the intentions of the leopard and began to defend, thinking he was attacking her.

The next meeting was also held not very smooth. This time it was misunderstanding on the part of Alousa.  Minot had the imprudence to sit next to the manger, and the leopard aggressively chased her.  After that, experts have decided to once again divide leopards.

However, WWF believes that leopards can still feel the mutual sympathy.  Leopard will be living in neighboring cages, get used to each other - tells the coordinator for the biological diversity of WWF-Russia Vladimir Krever.  - We will hold another meeting in 1-2 months.

"Even when the" A Very Long Engagement "will be held safely, waiting for the offspring of leopards could be delayed: the captive breeding is much more complicated than in the wild" - says Umar Semenov, Deputy Director of the Sochi National Park.

In 2007-2010, thanks to the support of the ski resort of Rose Farm, Vimpelcom (Beeline brand »), WWF and the Ministry of Russia have developed this project, began construction of the Centre Breeding and Rehabilitation, was brought from Turkmenistan males and females from Iran, organized a survey of leopards veterinarians. Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has completed construction of the Centre and ensure its operation and maintenance of leopards.

WWF is now seeking new partners and new media. Necessary funding for the construction of large cages in the Caucasian Reserve, which will bring 1-1,5-year-old leopard hunting for training. Aviary inhabit deer and wild boars to leopardyata can learn to earn their own food.  Funds are also needed for the importation of new ecologists leopards from Iran - for one or even two pairs for continued rehabilitation program is insufficient.

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