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During the worst dog-days since political creation of Russia in tenth century (on a territory including present Ukraine, Belarus, Lituania, eastern Poland and North Eastern Slovaquia) with monstruous mortality rates, original educative projects for future are blooming. It is now in central Siberia (Altaï region) after action of Yuri Bersenev towards scholars in Zov Tigra National Park (Primorye). 

Darkness is not the whole reality.


«Protected Areas for a Living Planet“ project supported «Gornaya Kolivan 2010» Summer Expedition in Altaisky Kray for the schoolchildren of three Siberian regions

The main goal of the camp is to involve schoolchildren into nature conservation process, teach them to study ecological processes and forest complexes resurrection. The schoolchildren and teachers will attend field biology, plants determination, nests making and so on.

It is no coincidence that the camp is located on the bank of the river Belaya that flows down the slopes of Tigireksky Ridge. This area is supposed to be included into the planning protected area. “Gornaya Kolivan” National Park is planned to be established in 2013.

Altai - Sayan programme of WWF supported the feasibility study for establishing the protected area years ago. Preliminary Gornaya Kolivan was planned to be established as a Nature Park - the proteced area of regional governance. No doubt that the decision to raise the status up of the planning protecxted area up to the National Park - the federal governance  - will secure better finance and management.

The data gathered by summer expedition’s participants will be used for National Park’s borders project preparation.


You can contact tatiana Ivanitskaya, Altaï Sayan Ecoregion Press Officer


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