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13 août 2011 6 13 /08 /août /2011 06:14

L'acquitement des notables braconniers de l'Altaï (voir "So far from cup to lips" du 26 mai dernier") a été remis en cause ces tous derniers jours.Decision of the Altai court overturned the acquittal of the officials who participated in the VIP-hunting mountain sheep, as a signal for other fans of illegal hunting. (source : WWF Russia, hier).

"It's not important that someone must have been jailed.  We sat in prison, and so a lot of people.  But a conditional sentence would be correct signal to the leaders who continue to participate or organize hunting "- said the director of WWF-Russia Igor Chestin in interview "Interfax" .

According to WWF, requires a signal from political leaders that such actions are inconsistent with positions in government service. VIP-hunting is rarely disclosed because of the involvement of representatives of law enforcement agencies, and the incident in the Altai became known only because of the helicopter crash.The Mi-171 helicopters (Mi-8) with senior officials crashed in January 2009 in the Mount Black Altai.  In the crash killed seven people, including presidential envoy to the Russian State Duma Alexander Kosopkin.  Four survived, three of them brought to justice - it's vice-premier of the republic Anatoly Bannykh, who resigned after the accident, CEO "Ineko" Boris Belinsky and Deputy Director of the Institute of Economics and legislation of Moscow Nikolai Kapranov.They were charged under Part 2 of Article 258 of the Criminal Code (illegal hunting), which provides authorization for up to two years imprisonment.

The case received much publicity, primarily because of the fact that after the helicopter crash appeared on the Internet pictures of the wreckage, including the Altai mountain sheep are seen (also called Pamir argali, or argali), listed in the Red Book of Russia and the international Red Book. . Any hunting them is forbidden.  Moreover, using hunting aircraft is a gross violation of applicable laws.

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