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27 février 2012 1 27 /02 /février /2012 20:29

Un orphelin recueilli avant hier dans un état d'extrême faiblesse (source : WWF Russia, ce jour)

Barely a live tiger cub was found by hunters in the February 25 hunting "Borisov."

Specialists of the Office of hunting supervision of Primorsky Krai took steps to rescue the baby and to investigate the situation.

Tiger in the extreme exhaustion and symptoms of hypothermia was found by hunters hunting Ussuri military society in the woods near the village of Borisovka during routine work on the integration of game animals.  The beast was so exhausted that it could take almost with bare hands. Small striped predator was released in the cabin area, as if asking people for help. Because of the direct threat to the life of the animal experts of the Office of hunting supervision of Primorsky Krai, who controls to account, quickly made the decision to withhold the nature of the cub and put it in a warm place for overexposure.  Was organized by the duly qualified veterinary care of the Maritime State Academy of Agriculture, which gave the first results.

"Now the state of the cub serious but stable, there were trends towards improvement.  World Wildlife Fund is ready to provide the necessary financial support to save this animal, - says program coordinator of WWF Russia Amur branch biodiversity Sergei Aramilev. - Despite the fact that the tiger was discovered at the weekend, the Office of hunting supervision immediately took steps, so there was no wasted time.  According to our estimates, if the animal did not save the day, the next night would be his last. "

It is also important to understand why the baby was in trouble and got one.  Normally, as the S. Aramilev, broods break up to the end of the second - at the beginning of the third year of life.  This is Tiger Cub for about a year old.  Specially organized group hunting supervision of the Office is currently in search of traces of mother-tigress.

"The main task of the group - to establish the reason why the cub separated from mother at an early age, to find a tigress or her tracks.  And then, in the case of confirmation of the death of a tigress - to investigate and determine the cause, and in case of violent death - bring materials to the Ministry of Interior authorities for criminal prosecution, "- said the acting  Head hunting supervision of Primorsky Krai, Vladimir Vasiliev.

Federal Law N 52-FZ "On Fauna" from 24.04. 1995 to the Office of hunting supervision of Primorsky Krai in charge for maintenance of the Red Book and the settlement of conflicts between humans and large predatory species of wild animals, including those listed in the Red Book of Russia. If you created the Office task force to resolve conflicts on the territory of Primorsky Krai.  During 2011 there were more than 80 messages from people about the conflicts between tigers and humans, 13 of them confirmed and successfully resolved.  In 2012 received 10 reports of conflict situations, six of whom had actual confirmation.

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