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3 octobre 2011 1 03 /10 /octobre /2011 18:59


La "dzeren", gazelle de Mongolie (qui est le pronghorn  - antilocapre - eurasien) a vu ses effectifs augmenter d'environ 500 individus par rapport à l'an dernier. Un bon signe pour le retour prochain de certains de ses prédateurs les plus spectaculaires...


Restoration in Russia, the only Siberian antelope, carried Daursky Reserve with the support of WWF-Russia and the Steppe of the UNDP project is bearing fruit: for half a millennium dzeren was greater than in the past year.

"All the Onon, and Trans-Baikal Borzinsky areas - the mainland habitat dzeren in Trans-Baikal Region - data recording, conducted in September, home to 3600-3800 individuals. This is about half a thousand more than last year "- said the deputy director of the State Nature Biosphere Reserve   "White-naped" Vadim Kirilyuk.

 A census conducted dzeren staff Daursky Reserve since 1994.   Work is carried out thoroughly, the most reliable method for the conditions of the steppe - a solid light.  Qualified experts go around by car almost every hill, fold, hollow, and animals encountered polls counted.  Year-round monitoring of the movements dzerenov, good knowledge of their lifestyle, held two or three times a year to get enough counts allow reliable data.   So, this time during a visual account of the Meeting of almost 3400 individuals.  The successful detection of all previously observed large and medium stocks, calculated as a result of long-term experiments the probability of underreporting of small groups and individuals can safely add another 200 to 400 head.

"Unlike last year, when six to eight out of ten babies died from heat waves in late June, this year's crop was good.  Almost all females retained their offspring, - said V. Kirilyuk. . - The ongoing restoration program Daursky reserve dzeren Transbaikalia is continuing successfully.  However, in the Trans-Baikal region of antelope decrease.  Frightened by all appearances - experiencing frequent harassment animals we are extremely worried.  Once again, we begin here reinforced patrols. "

Ensure the preservation of dzerenov Borzinsky and Trans-Baikal areas outside the reserve Daursky help early establishment of the Federal Reserve "Valley dzeren. Yield the corresponding RF Government is expected in the coming months.

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