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29 novembre 2011 2 29 /11 /novembre /2011 05:17

Une nouvelle réserve pour la Dzeren (le Pronghorn d'Asie centrale) en Transbaïkalie. Réinvestissement de territoires occupés ily a 40 à 50 ans (source : WWF Russia, hier).

New reserve for dzeren
 Work on the Trans-Baikal Region in the state reserve of federal importance "Valley dzeren" held national reserve "White-naped", WWF and UNDP / GEF, a success


  Creating a nature reserve with a total area 213 838 ha is an urgent measure to ensure the smooth migration of antelope dzeren between Russia and Mongolia, as well as to maintain friendly and mutually beneficial relations between the countries. The new reserve will be transferred to the control FGBU   "State Nature Reserve   "White-naped," and will be a crucial milestone in the development of the International Russian-Mongolian-Chinese nature reserve   "Dauria."

Works on creation of the reserve was started in 2008 with the support of World Wildlife Fund and the Steppe of the UNDP / GEF. Driven by extreme drought and fire, tens of thousands rushed dzerenov then from Mongolia to Russia. The line of engineering structures (ITS) was lethal for antelope obstacle and did not allow them to pass freely into our country. However, rescue activities organized by the reserve staff, "White-naped" and border guards with the help of WWF, helping to prevent mass death of animals .

About two thousand antelope were fixed then on Russian territory.  Some of the animals moved under heavy guard in the reserve .  But another part was in unprotected areas, where the Red Book hoof threatened poachers.

"For three and a half years, staff Daurian Reserve with the support of the inspectors and border guards gosohotsluzhby as best guard in the dzerenov projected reserve, - said the deputy director of the reserve," White-naped "Vadim Kirilyuk - not all were rescued from poacher bullets , but the main thing that after such a long period dzerenov not destroyed.  Antelope, learn a new territory for themselves, re-emerged in places where their ancestors lived another 40-50 years ago. "

"Valley dzeren" will build on the success of the reserve in the Daurian steppe restoration of this species of ungulates in the Trans-Baikal region and will help to maintain the full range of plants and animals of the steppe Daurian.

At this time the antelope are the most vulnerable: the males are driven females in harems, protect them from each other and completely lose their caution. 

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