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7 juillet 2011 4 07 /07 /juillet /2011 04:46

Des léopards de l'Amour plus nombreux que prévus (source : WWF Russia, il y a deux jours, avec photos d'un couple et de son petit prises par caméra digitale), et Phoenix Fund, aujourd'hui (réflexions de Sergueï Kokriakov, de la Réserve de Kedrovaya Pad, sur l'augmentation des moyens de contrôle des patrouilleurs et la baisse du braconnage)


This year, control of monitoring by the Office of leopard hunting supervision and administration of Primorye Territory Reserve  "Cedar Pad" within their territory.  Immediate work was carried out in the forest staff of the Institute of sustainable environmental management under the leadership of Vladimir Aramileva.  "Some changes in methods of monitoring had a purely scientific basis and were designed to facilitate the processing of data and provide additional information - says Sergey Aramilev party monitoring, program coordinator of WWF-Russia Amur branch of biodiversity - but apart from that, thanks to video, we obtained data reveal to us some features of living animals. We got the materials, which recorded two leopards together. In one case, a "wedding" of leopards and the other - the female with the grown cub in the process of education.  The main surprise was the results, which showed an increase in the number of the study area by 50%.  It is particularly important to note that among the groups accounted leopard is present at least four breeding females, of course, it does not mean the increase in the total population of leopard in general, but it suggests that there is a tendency to its growth, which we hope will be confirmed during the counts in all habitat leopard next winter. "

All previous years of monitoring by the number captured on fotokapkanov "Southern" site leopards fluctuated in the range of 7 to 9 individuals. This year's record figure monitoring gave today in this area are 12 different live animals!  In this case the camera lens were noted eight of our old friends, that is to say that all we know at the South site in 2009, the animals were left to live within it and never lost! And it added four more new leopard!

Not hide his joy director of the Amur branch of WWF Russia, Yuri Darman, - even the first intermediate steps to create a national park" Earth leopard "is already yielding fruit.  Cost reserve "Cedar Pad" get in control of the Federal Reserve "Leopard" and build on this area a real permanent protection - as leopards feel secure, they give birth and raise offspring.  The fact that for two years, none of leopards, we have taken into account in southern site, has not disappeared - it is conclusively proves that the idea that the fragmented protected areas of different levels into a single large, powerful and prosperous national park was the only true! It remains only to complete its implementation. "

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