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Un tigre de l'Amour a été abattu dans le Primorye quelques jours avant le sommet de St Petersbourg.

Voici le compte rendu qu'en fait le WWF Russie ce jour. 


Amur tiger killed ahead of Russia tiger summit

18 November

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Only days before the International Tiger Conservation Forum in St. Petersburg, Russia, authorities reported today having discovered that a rare Amur tiger was killed in the Russian Far East.

The tiger died of gunshot wounds after a run-in with a local resident, who claims he killed the tiger in self-defense. The incident is under investigation.

An investigation begins

On Nov. 15, the Hunting Department of Primorsky Province in the Russian Far East received reports of a tiger attack in Khasansky district, which left a man wounded.

According to the victim, the tiger was also injured. The following morning, a group of three inspectors from the Hunting Department and a WWF-Russia tiger expert went to the place of the alleged attack.

They later found a dead adult male tiger on the property of a hunting estate, and an investigation into the tiger’s death was begun.

On Wednesday, a forensic and zoological examination was held with the participation of the Chief Veterinary Inspector of Ussuriisk town, the experts of Amursky office of WWF, specialists from the Agricultural Academy and the inspectors of the Hunting Supervision Office.

It was found out that the tiger was a male in the prime of its life, had died due to the inflicted gunshot wounds. The nature of the injuries, their number and other details are not being disclosed in the interests of the investigation.

A court decision

“After some careful examination of the area and the traces, I made certain conclusions about the incident, and included them into the official investigation documents. In the interests of the investigation, this information is forbidden to be disclosed, - says Sergei Aramilev, WWF-Russia Amur branch biodiversity conservation program coordinator. –“In any case, there was a murder of an Amur tiger, and a criminal case that should be initiated by the Article 258 (illegal hunting). Now there are two versions – the self-defense and the deliberate murder of the animal. So that citizen will be either released or punished. It is up to the court to decide. I should add that the preliminary conclusions and any other speculation can only harm the investigation and justice”.

This is the second known tiger death in southwest Primorye in the last six months. The death of a female tiger in the hunting area «Borisovskoe» in June 2010 was brought to court and will be considered on Nov. 23 in Ussuriysk .

'Unfortunately, this kind of situation in Primorye happens every year. We lose our tigers because of hunter- poachers, hunter-cowards, hunter-bullies, and careless hunting ground users. For example, on a small land strip of the south-west of Primorye, bounded by the sea on one side and by China on the another, up to 800 hunters operate in hope to get a piece of meat. And that happens every weekend. And among them, 7 tigers (including this recent loss) and 40 leopards prowl for the same purpose. Having such population density, a fatal meeting is inescapable. In our opinion, there is a need to create a special document that can regulate the special conditions of using natural areas, strict control of people entering hunting estates and fishing areas, and finally the prohibition of pen hunting and many other things for both the habitat of Amur tiger in Russia in general and in the south-west of Primorye in particular, - comments Pavel Fomenko, WWF-Russia Amur branch biodiversity conservation program coordinator.

If the suspect's guilt is proved, he will face a penalty of up to 200,000 roubles, or correctional labour for up to two years. In addition to the punishment, a claim damages to nature of 500,000 roubles would have to be satisfied as well.

After the investigation, evidence was sent to the Police Department for prosecution.


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