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13 septembre 2011 2 13 /09 /septembre /2011 13:47

2 ans après Yuri Bersenev, Directeur du Parc Zov Tigra dans le Primorye, Aleksandr Samarin,Directeur de celui d'Anyui dans le district de Khabarovsk, est attaqué par certaines autorités locales, car il fait manifestement TROP BIEN son travail vis à vis des coupes illégales. Ils montent contre lui un dossier composé de faux grossiers.

Soutenu par ses collègues, il demande l'arbitrage du Ministre de l'Ecologie Yuri Trutnev.

SOURCE : WWF Russia, ce jour.



Held September 10-11, Coordinating Board of Directors in the southern Far East, who discussed the situation in Anyui National Park and decided to apply to the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Minister Yury Trutnev with a letter in defense of his colleague.

"This is a flagrant injustice when the authorities responsible for nature conservation, are a real witch-hunt Anyui director of the National Park Alexander Samarin, which ensured the successful establishment of this organization in the first and most difficult two years after its creation," - said the director of the Amur branch of WWF Russia's Yuri Darman, invited to the Coordinating Council.

  At first inspection of the inter-district environmental prosecutor Khabarovsk Krai used some photos of piles of wood - it turned out that Samarin to them has nothing to do. Then made a multiple testing by dividing the forest, where were sanitary cutting of firewood for: multi-volume resulted in only   "Charge" - a few columns that mark the corners of dividing, were thinner than the recommended rules. Then, in the course have gone even more strange behavior: Khabarovsk Krai Prosecutor's Office in all of Russia issued a statement that all the firewood in the national park was conducted illegally.  Director of the National Park Alexander Samarin declared a felon who made a multimillion-dollar damages to the State, it asked to immediately remove and put in the position of the local timber merchant.

Investigators were not too lazy to go to Moscow to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, to find "Evidence". Unfortunately for them, it turned out that all documents are in order, and the necessary permits for sanitary felling a national park have been received.

But again failed to put the director behind bars 'Illegal' logging, immediately attempted to find a breach in the hunt!  Immediately after the collapse of "Lesorubnogo case" is initiated by a letter "Perturbed" Nanai, residing in the national park, on charges of destroying all life in the Director of National Park and are attached to it with photos of Alexander Samarin mined bears. But it turned out that the most recent of these photos made five years ago for hunting site, on which is placed so far. Then Samarin head hunting in the area and really Nanaiskiy duty is organized trophy hunting. A sheet with the signatures have been collected Nanai still under protests in the spring of the local population against the introduction of amendments to the Fisheries Act.

What is so displeased director Alexander Samarin Anyui National Park authorities to the Khabarovsk Krai? This question was asked to investigate and Ministra Natural Resources and Environment P. Trutneva ten directors reserve the Far East and WWF Russia.

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