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Vente des parcelles prévue le 29 Juin. Source : Phoenix Fund, 27 Mai.

The authorities of Pozharsky district and ecologists appealed to the governor asking to stop forest clearing

The heads of Luchegorsk, Fedoseev, Nagorny and Pozharsky towns opposed the sell by auction of Luchegorsky and Pozharsky district forestry for cutover. Officials co-operated with conservationists and NGOs in their appeal to Primorsky krai governor Sergei Darkin.

The Primorsky forest management notified the auction sale of the rights to the conclusion of lease contracts for a forest plot in Pozharsky district with a total area of 23 571 hectares. Auction is appointed to 29th of June, 2011, the reserved price of a subject - 477 thousand rubles. It was stated that the given site "is burdened by the right of citizens to freely stay in woods and harvest wild-growing and non-wood forestry products". The exploitation of woods by the tenant is specified as "wood production".
These forestlands are not only a greenbelt of Pozharsky area settlements but also a drinking water protective area on which Luchegorsk town depends on clean water and where the relic lotus of Komarov grows.

"These are the last islets of forest ecosystem untouched by logging. Considering adverse ecological conditions in the whole district, and in Luchegorsk town in particular, it is necessary to take all possible measures to prohibit cutting in these area", - ecologists say.

Today Pozharsky district desperately needs a large forest range. Annual emissions of polluting substances (including emissions from SDPP) to atmosphere make about 100 thousand tons a year. As a consequence – Pozharsky forge ahead of other districts of Primorye on oncological diseases.

The Phoenix Fund adhered to this appeal. The forests of Pozharsky district are important for both people and wildlife, especially the endangered Amur tigers. Habitat loss is one of the biggest threats to big cat’s survival and logging in its site will significantly aggravate the situation. We hope that Krai Administration would not let the auction happen”, – says Sergei Bereznuk, director of the Phoenix Fund.

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