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17 octobre 2011 1 17 /10 /octobre /2011 15:48



Olympic   "Rake": the proposed law   "On special economic zones in Russia 'could destroy Russia's reserves

 WWF believes that the proposed amendments to the Law on Specially Protected Natural Areas, if adopted, will act destructively on the federal system of protected areas.

Today on the official website of the State Duma was posted the text of the draft Federal Law No 549129-5   "On Amendments to the Federal Law "On special economic zones in the Russian Federation" and Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation ", prepared for the second reading.

WWF believes in this project as a threat throughout the reserve system in our country, because:

  • allows the Government of the Russian Federation by its decision to transfer reserves to national parks - areas with less stringent security;
  • removes restrictions on the construction of tourist facilities and physical fitness in National Parks;
  • authorizes the destruction of rare and endangered trees and shrubs.

The need for this legislation the developers explain the needs of the program of development of resorts in the North Caucasus.

However, WWF carried out consultation with the JSC   "Resorts of the North Caucasus," the proposed facilities location revealed no plans for any construction in the reserves and national parks. At the same time, further destruction of so weakened environmental laws may become an obstacle to attracting major foreign investments in the program of development of resorts.

"It seems we are faced with a repetition of Olympic history, when for the needs of the Olympic Games in Sochi was taken legislative ban on public sporting events in all national parks, although it was possible to confine Sochi," said Igor Chestin, director of WWF-Russia. - In addition, in 2006, allegedly for the needs of the Olympics was supposed to withdraw the land under the Sochi Park golf clubs, hotels, spas, etc.  Only the personal intervention of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, decided to postpone the Olympic venues stop this orgy with the withdrawal of lands. "

"We believe that, indeed, a number of reserves for historical reasons, have always been more national parks, and is probably correct to bring it into line - said Vladimir Krever, head of programs for the conservation of biodiversity. - This, for example, is a nature reserve   "Pillars" in the Krasnoyarsk region with 300 thousand visitors a year.  But the transfer of 02.03 Reserve in national parks should be a time and the closed list, but do not open up new possibilities of corruption, destruction of the povlekuschie reserve system. "

WWF-Russia proposes to delete from the draft law of amendments to the legislation on specially protected natural areas, while at the same time, accelerating the adoption of the negotiated and agreed by all the experts of the bill, awaiting second reading in 2008, despite the orders of the President and the Prime Minister.

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