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18 janvier 2012 3 18 /01 /janvier /2012 10:07


Pouvoir vivre de son activité pour ne pas être condamné au braconnage (source : WWF Russia, ce jour).


Micro-grants program of WWF-Russia Foundation and City on small businesses, helping to distract people from the Altai poaching.

Family from the village of Inya Anchinbaevyh purchased a greenhouse for growing vegetables, Basil builds Bezzubtsev    "Green house" for the reception of guests, and Antonina Yankubaeva erected omshanik - room for wintering bees. These and other projects are changing lives in remote Altai villages, where a year ago a program of WWF and fund CITY  "Small businesses for conservation of Gorny Altai."

The main objective of the Programme of WWF and fund CITY - conservation of flora and fauna Altai Mountains by creating alternative sources of income for local people. WWF experts believe that small business development in rural areas will reduce the need to earn due to illegal hunting and harvesting wild plants.

"The difference between the grant program of WWF and CITI Fund from government initiatives to support entrepreneurship - in its environmental dimension, - says Mikhail Paltsyn, project coordinator of WWF-Russia's Altai-Sayanckom ecoregion. - Priority was given to projects of local residents, implementation of which will not damage the fragile nature of the Altai Mountains, with an emphasis on people in remote villages in the habitats of rare species such as the Altai mountain sheep argali or endangered snow leopard.  Support was beginning businessmen, as well as the poorest segments of the population who would like to start a business but do not know how to do this and can not get even a small loan from a bank. "...

Environmental effects the project will be evaluated only after 5-6 years - after a considerable number of local residents have a chance to obtain legal income.

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