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26 novembre 2011 6 26 /11 /novembre /2011 11:20

Extension significative du corridor vert russo chinois (source : WWF Russia, il y a deux jours).


On the map of the Amur region had one more complex reserve

 Profile of state natural reserve of regional significance "Simonovsky" changed to "Zoo" to "comprehensive."  With the financial support of the WWF reserve area increased by 40 550 hectares, reaching 118 350 hectares

 The Governor of the Amur Region Oleg Kozhemyako signed a decree to change the profile of the state natural reserve of regional importance "Simonovsky" with   "Zoo" at the "Complex".  Simultaneously, the reserve area was increased by 40 550 hectares, reaching 118 350 hectares.

Territorial expansion was due to the inclusion of part of the floodplain and terraces around the Amur villages and Busse Petropavlovka Svobodnenskogo area of ​​considerable interest from the standpoint of preserving the diversity of flora.  Here there are elements of the steppe flora and fauna, which penetrate into the territory of the Amur region of Trans-Baikal along the reaches of the Amur and missing elsewhere in the Amur region.  11 species of rare plants growing here are not found in other protected areas (PA) area, and for one species - Oxytropis turf, sanctuary - the only place of growth throughout the Far East of Russia.

In the future, Simonovsky reserve should be part of the Russian-Chinese cross-border reserve, an agreement on the creation of which was achieved by the Government of the Amur region of Russia and the People's Government Municipal District of Heihe in Heilongjiang Province of China in 2010

"Working to expand the territory and to change the profile of the reserve   "Simonovsky" were supported by the World Wildlife Fund in the framework agreement on development of the PA system between the Fund and the Government of the Amur region. Results of this program during the 2010-2011  Reserves have been established "Tokinsky", "Upper-Amur""Lower Norsky" expanded the reserve   "Andrew" and "Simonovsky" security zones set up reserves "Voskresenovsky",   "Zhelundinsky""Ust-Tygdinsky." The area of protected areas due to this increased to 530 864 hectares and over 4 million hectares - more than 11% of the territory, "- says Svetlana Titova, coordinator of WWF-Russia Amur branch of PAs.

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