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Local residents in some areas in Jambi are on guard after a Sumatran tiger (Panthera tigris sumatrae) approached settlements and attacked locals.

“One local is dead and five people sustained injuries after being attacked by the tiger,” said the Jambi-chapter Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA) head Tri Siswo Rahardjo on Monday.

Data from the BKSDA Jambi showed that Sutardi or “Kancil”, a 21-years-old male from Pacitan, East Java, was mauled to death by the tiger in PT Wira Karya Sakti’s (WKS) fifth district in Suban village in Batang Asam district, Tanjungjabung Barat regency, on Jan.24.

On Feb.8, Fajar, 37, an employee at PT Dasa Anugerah Sejati, was attacked by the tiger in Lubuk Bernai village in Batang Asam, Tanjungjabung Barat regency. Luckily, he escaped and only sustained light injuries.

On the same day, Kasdan, 60, a local resident in Tanjung Tayas village in Tungkal Ulu district, Tanjungjabung Barat regency, was chased by the tiger while he was working at a palm oil plantation. The animal tired of chasing Kasdan who stood only five meters away from the tiger. The villager sought help from a nearby security guard post.

Another victim, Legino Murdianto, 22, was attacked at a location that belonged to PT CKT in Dusun Mudo village on Feb.11.

On Feb.28, the same tiger also attacked Sutrisno, 37, a local from Muaro Sebo village in Jambi Luar Kota district, Muaro Jambi regency. He was working on a rubber farm when the tiger suddenly pounced and went for his leg and chest.

On Sunday, the tiger again attacked Wahyudi, 23, who was working on a rubber farm located in the backside of Sungai Landai market in Sri Mulyo village, Tempino sub-district, Mestong district, Muaro Jambi regency.

According to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Sumatran tigers are the smallest surviving tiger subspecies and are protected by law as they are critically endangered.

The tiger received an anesthetist-shot from BKSDA rangers on Sunday night. However, the shot was unable to paralyze the 1.5-meter-long tiger, presumed to be male.

“The tiger got an anesthetist shot from our personnel in the field but it could escape,” said Tri Siswo, adding that each anesthetist shot only affects the animal for about 30 minutes. The BKSDA had first tried to trap the tiger but it was unsuccessful, he added.

Data from the BKSDA Jambi shows that the Sumatran tigers in Jambi number only 89 and they are scattered across several locations. Forty three tigers are now living in the Bukit Tiga Puluh National Park (TNBT) located in the Jambi and Riau provinces, TNBT data from 2008 shows.

During the period 2004 to 2010, 22 Sumatran tigers were caught on camera in the Kerinci Seblat National Park (TNKS). It was reported by PT WKS in 2012 that there were 12 tigers in the company’s first, third and sixth districts. Meanwhile in the PT WKS’s germplasm cultivation areas, there were three tigers recorded in 2012.

Six tigers were seen on camera in the Ecosystem Restoration (REKI) area in 2012. According to a 2013 report, two Sumatran tigers are now at the Frankfurt Zoological Society (FZS). (ebf)

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